20th and 21th-April, Velika Galerija KC Grad, Belgrade

Workshop on contemporary jewelry with Miro Sazdińá and Tobias Birgersson, professors from Konstfack in Stockholm, Sweden

Workshop concept
One essential aspect of jewellery is that it serves as a tool of communication with the outside world, with the body as co-part of the expression and arena for the piece.
This is a workshop investigating the meaning of jewellery out from the concept of brain storming in a physical matter, with the focus on the process and not finished objects. We will work together in an open manner highlighting the interaction between body and object.

All participants brought to the workshop:
5 objects of her/his own choice.
Binding material such as: glue, tape, strings, rope, nails, etc.
Tools such as: scissors, knife, needle, hammer, etc.
A bag filled with junk-material

My main object were nails from mine and my husbands feet.
My theme was 3 keywords: consciousness, real and part.
And support materials: cardboard, strings, needle, glue.
_ _

CONSCIOUSNESS. refers to my own consciousness.
I deliberately chose objects that are made of, or just are, natural material, which tells more about my psychic experiences, such as: feelings, thoughts... and about the environment that I prefer, like being surrounded by Nature, or if you like REAL staff.

REAL. refers to reality, or what really exists in a physical matter. this word is directly related to the main objects - nails, as a material proof of my and mine husbands existence, and our existing love, relationship, bond. that makes us as a real PART of this body related objects.

PART. as a complementary word. part of the object. part of the real. real part of the body. part of the consciousness. part of our lives.

This body related objects applies to my constant desire for movement, walking.