Collage by its own definition, is heterogeneous media, it combines verbal and images in the communication of messages, and it should be read and observed to understand. It is known that the photo-montage/collage, easier than photography, can present the action or situation, or the illusion of time.

The overall work is intimate/personal interpretation/experience of the world where we are, and transferred to my so-called maps/collages.
Collages include the motives of surprise and the unexpected, deriving from the tradition of Surrealism and Dadaism. Motifs with their intertwined meanings have a direct relationship to the unconscious.
Book/Guide made for the uninitiated with lack of critical consciousness, a guide for those who miss... In the book are contained all maps that were created during my work, and photos of the places where they were glued. Printed map, I paste on and leave it to the street, passengers, aliens. To be read by anyone, as an incentive for thinking and reconsideration.
Poetic text/modified quotes in the book, are the sentences that are extracted from the Situationist International (SI) pamphlet (also marked influences of Surrealism and Dadaism), and some parts of text are from Anarchy/Block 45 pamphlets - section SI.
Background of all collages is cut pattern arch. The main purpose of this paper led me to think that they can be used as the substrate for my collages.
My challenge was how to indirectly and directly again, represent my personal message. I was intrigued by the final outcome of this idea, because I realized that there is enough space for the seriousness and play at the same time.
Diploma work "Personal Report" includes: 10 digital collages/"maps" - A3 format prints, book/"guide" with photos and accompanying text, and a folder/"bag". Everything is hand-made, and reproduced on 100% recycled paper.

Free creativity in the creation of all the moments and events of life is the only poetry, poetry that make all.